Crypto Coin Market Cap Android App

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Crypto Coin Market Cap Android App

Crypto is a native Android app which shows info about coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and other altcoins) from cryptocurrency market. With this template you can create your own digital currency trading application with beautiful design and animations! It is quick, easy and affordable. Crypto app has many clever built-in features.

Crypto Coin Market Cap Android AppCrypto Coin Market Cap Android App

This template provides you easy way to make your own app. It does not require programming skills. Code is easily configurable and customizable. There is just one config file to setting up everything. Project is well documented. Create your own app in less than 15 minutes without any special knowledge! It’s easier than you think.

Crypto app loads crypto currency data from REST APIs (CoinGecko API and CryptoCompare API). App shows basic coin fundaments and an interactive chart with price history. See the full list of features below.

We have a lot of experience with developing Android apps. Our priority is to create top quality products with beautiful design, write a perfectly clean code and make apps easily configurable and customizable. We are following Android Design Guidelines and permanently watching new trends.

We are always here to help you. Happy customer is the most important thing for us. We offer post-purchase support, free lifetime updates and step-by-step documentation. Before you ask us for help or support, please read the documentation (included with the downloaded item) and any additional information available on the item’s support tab to see if that answers your question. Also see frequently asked questions. If you still need help, just send us a message via comments. Please keep in mind that customization, modification and installation services are not included in item support. See Item Support Policy for more info.

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  • Developed with Android Studio & Gradle
  • Support for Lollipop (Android 5.0) and newer
  • The most modern technologies (Kotlin, Firebase, RxJava, Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide)
  • Top notch software architecture (MVVM, Architecture Components, Data Binding)
  • Material design following Android Design Guidelines
  • List of coins
  • Coin detail screen (price, chart, fundaments)
  • Data (fundaments, price history) is loaded from REST APIs
  • AdMob (adaptive banners and interstitial ad)
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (push notifications)
  • Firebase Analytics
  • GDPR compliant (European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Splash screen (launch screen)
  • Search for coins with suggestion
  • Sort coins by market cap, lowest cap, bull change, bear change, volume, price, alphabet
  • Interactive price chart (zooming, scrolling, clickable marker)
  • Coin icons in SVG format
  • Icon placeholder for coins without icon
  • Affiliate button for buying coins
  • Pull-to-Refresh
  • Share coin fundaments
  • About dialog
  • Rate app on Google Play
  • Privacy policy link
  • Progress bar when loading data
  • Offline handling
  • Error handling
  • Animations and effects
  • Animated action bar
  • Animated floating action button
  • Quick return effect
  • Ripple effect
  • Responsive design and tablet support (portrait, landscape, handling orientation change)
  • Support for vector drawables and high-resolution displays (xxxhdpi)
  • Multi-language support
  • Deep links
  • Top quality clean code created by experienced senior Android developer
  • Easy configuration
  • Well documented
  • Free support

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Video Preview

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