V380 E9 Dual Lens Bulb PTZ IP Camera- Black Color

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Dual Lens Camera

V380 equips its products with a dual-lens camera so that it can monitor environmental conditions optimally. The camera at the top functions to capture images of the room as a whole. Meanwhile, the bottom camera can be used to monitor certain angles. Even safer with the 360° panorama feature.

Full HD 1080p Video Resolution

Even though it is small in size, this CCTV camera from the V380 can record high-quality video. You can see the recording results with clear and crisp Full HD 1080p video resolution. It is very suitable for monitoring various activities that occur in your environment.

Light Bulb Model

Offering models such as bulbs, you can install this CCTV anywhere. Starting from homes, garages, cars, shops, to factories, place CCTV cameras at unexpected angles to ensure your environment is safe from various crimes. Now you can monitor the condition of various angels without being limited by room size. Make sure you use an E27 lamp socket so that it can be installed perfectly.

Human Shape Detector 2.0 technology

Have problems with CCTV cameras not focusing? You no longer need to face this problem because this V380 product is equipped with AI Human Shape Detector 2.0 technology which can detect humans and other objects. This technology allows for clearer tracking and reduces the risk of false alarms.

Night Vision feature

Monitoring the condition of the house or environment at night is no longer impossible because this CCTV camera also has a Night Vision feature. The 4 infrared lights and 4 white lights installed allow the camera to record various activities even at night with minimal light.

2-Way Sound Output

The CCTV camera from V380 is also equipped with a 2-way sound output feature. This feature allows you to interact with guests or people at home. Very useful for communicating in times of emergency.

WiFi connection

Present to facilitate the security monitoring process, this CCTV camera uses a WiFI connection. Installing the built-in application, you can access CCTV in real time using smartphones, laptops and computers anywhere and anytime. It is more practical because it can be accessed by several users simultaneously.

What’s In The Box

1 x V380 Pro CCTV Camera Bulb Dual Lens WiFi IP Camera E27 1080P – E9
1 x Screw
1 x E27 Lamp Fitting

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