Bangladesh mobile banking system and its future forecasting

Bangladesh is a large population country having 17 million people. Most of them about 70% people lives in village where they can not get same facilities , can not enjoying lifestyle like urban people. For living village they are deprived from many facilities like banking system and so on. We know that now a days information technology play a vital role to develop country's economy. Mobile banking system is a such kind of technology where one can easily get banking service, transaction his amount without going bank! he can easily doing many banking functions through his mobile phone. It's a great invention of our country.

Bangladesh local bank Brac bank Limited is a pioneer of the system of mobile banking. dreams comes true by mobile banking formula. In past , sometimes when flexi load system develop in our country with the same stage recharging amount , subconsciously i thought about such kind of system where one may transfer his money through mobile network! that becomes true in this time.

In mobile banking system one can easily transfer his required amount through mobile network with cheap transaction cost and receiver gets the amount with a blink of eye. so transaction system develop dramatically where in recent past if one send the amount it needs minimum one day to receive the payee person. and now it is possible in just a minute. so simply we see that , thats why it play a vital role to develop our economy. After the invention of bkash, many banks develop this types of mobile banking system such as DBBL mobile banking origin of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. Islami bank also develop this system with the name of mycash. Bangladesh bank regulates this system strongly thats why there are o chance to fraud. We believe it can play a vital role for fostering rapid growth of our economy.